Belles Organics is a vintage American family owned business founded by a husband and wife team out of beautiful North Georgia. Daniel and Jessica have spent many years hosting family, friends and clients for lovely private events held at their Georgia farm. During these events Daniel and Jess found themselves spending days finding the perfect fresh organic ingredients for their made from scratch meals and cocktails. After years of strong sentiments from dear friends that Daniel and Jess need to just “pack these cocktails up and sell em,” they decided to do just that and founded Belles Organics. After the recipes were finalized, the next step was to build a company that is as exciting to lead as the cocktails are to drink…with that in mind, Daniel and Jess decided to establish a “true to its Georgia roots” Prohibition Era styled “Family Business”!


Most people desire a fresh handmade cocktail, yet few have the time to spend preparing one or several variations each time they want to have a little fun. During the onset of this adventure, the team decided that this one is for the host or active lifestylist…those too busy to play bartender all day or night, but too classy to simply serve a drink full of unidentifiable ingredients and cheap liquor! A sophisticated palate demands a cocktail that is worthy of the glass it’s served in.



Belles Organics prides itself in the responsible packaging of premium premixed organic cocktails that taste as if they are fresh from the garden. When Daniel and Jess decided to roll out the Belles Organics line, they set out to produce a unique cocktail that has never hit the shelves before instead of remaking a common find. With a little help from an ‘ole Georgia moonshiner, Daniel and Jess went to work formulating the perfect combination from their favorite recipes.

Belles offers a diversified line of refreshing organic cocktails designed to appeal to the selective palate. Each Belles Cocktail is a combination of organic fruits, organic agave nectar, organic liquor and other natural flavors. Whether you enjoy a good kick in your cocktail or something sweet, creamy and light on the booze, there is certainly a Belle for You!

And if you think this is just for the ladies… boys you better watch out… that Belle will get ahold of ya now… look to our Southern Belle, Belle on the Beach, and Beri Belle for a big Belle bite or our Banana and Georgia Belles for something tasty and sweet!



Alright now you’ve heard the story… now what time machine did this team of gorgeous girls come from? Jess said to Daniel before the horse loaded in the gate, “Hey now… this company is going to be one that represents just who I am and it will be called Belles! And a Belle is an iconic timeless figure… not just any girls are going to represent our brand… nope… we will have authentic Southern Belles that will each represent their own drink flavor!”

Then The Belles were born! Jess went to designing costumes, sewing up a storm (with a lot of help from some Lady Belles of course), defining the look for each flavor, and then the team started holding casting calls to find just the right girls! You can watch the Belles Organics You Tube page and keep up with the journey! This is the official team, “The Belles”!



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